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8 Benefits of Manuka Honey Face Cream

In the beautiful country of New Zealand, the native Manuka plant offers a great gift to the entire world: Manuka honey. During the brief season that this tree shrub is in bloom each year, honeybees use its pollen to make a special type of honey. It's bursting with healing benefits, from your head to your toes. Here's a peek at some unique Manuka honey benefits for your skin:


1. Moisturizing

Manuka honey is a powerful moisturizer. Moisturized skin is more soft and supple. In fact, honey infused skincare can make your skin as soft as a baby's! With its ability to draw in and retain moisture, Manuka honey is a natural humectant that keeps your skin feeling moisturized longer. By doing so, it can form a moist layer that heals your skin at the cellular level.


2. Fighting Germs

With antibacterial properties, Manuka honey face cream contains two powerful compounds for destroying fungi, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms: methylglyoxal and hydrogen peroxide. On top of that, its high sugar content resists bacterial growth, and can help prevent your pores from getting infected.


3. Countering Aging

Manuka honey has remarkable anti-aging properties because it's an antioxidant, which means it can destroy free radicals. Free radicals are atoms that damage cells, leading to more fine lines and wrinkles. With a powerful medley of vitamins & minerals, its antioxidant properties soften skin and restore a youthful complexion. Besides that, this honey boosts the body's collagen production, which means stronger, more flexible, and younger-looking skin.


4. Decreasing Inflammation

When you spread some face cream with manuka honey on your face, you can reduce skin irritation and painful swelling. Scientists aren’t exactly clear why this honey has anti-inflammatory powers. However, it could be because it destroys free radicals and bacteria, both of which can inflame the skin.


5. Alleviating Rashes

Manuka honey can diminish skin redness and eases the rashes caused by skin conditions like acne and eczema. You could even use this cream on your baby to treat diaper rash.


6. Soothing Pain

Scientists have shown that Manuka flowers are analgesic, which means they act as natural painkillers. To be more precise, the natural chemicals in this honey can block the nervous system's perception of pain. As a result, you can experience a feeling of oh-so-welcome relief.


7. Making the Skin Radiant

By smearing on this honey, you could give your facial skin a healthy new glow. In part, that's because it nourishes the skin so powerfully, supplying it with antioxidants, nutrients like beta-carotene, and other essential vitamins.


8. Treating Minor Wounds

If you're dealing with a small cut or scrape, try spreading a little Manuka honey on it. It should heal faster that way. Similarly, you could use this honey on insect bites and even mild burns. It can often shrink stretch marks and scars too.


Many cosmetics and skin remedies contain synthetic chemicals, and those ingredients can be quite harsh. But Honeyskin Ultimate Face & Body Cream with manuka honey is free of those chemicals and improves the look and feel of your skin. Its gentle aroma and smooth texture make this manuka honey face cream worth its weight in gold. 


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