Real life reviews from real people who have seen the results of manuka honey skincare up close

These products have left my skin feeling so moisturized and the Manuka honey actually diminishes the look of aging and sun damage.

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Nickey   |   NY

I really enjoyed that it helped clear up my acne and is great for sensitive skin. It has a mild scent and even helped when I had a sunburn. It’s my go to daily day cream. It isn’t as moisturizing so I use it only during the day and I use a heavy cream at night. I would think this would be a great product for children or teens as well.



Rebecca   |   GA

I've been breaking out more from wearing masks all day. Maskne is a real thing! But now my pores are visibly smaller and my skin has a natural glow!



Carmen   |   FL

My skin has been cracked and red, but Honeyskin has been so wonderful for the health of my skin!

Brenda's Review of Honeyskin - Best Honey Skin Care Products

I use this product both morning AND night as part of my anti-aging skincare routine. It has made a tremendous different in my skin tone. Not greasy, very faint scent and great at moisturizing and healing! I have been using for about 9 months.

Love From Instagram


My mom and I have been obsessinggg over this Aloe Vera Gel lately by @gethoneyskin - no joke.

My mom uses it as an entire body + face moisturizer & I'll put it on my hands and elbows at night. I love how it smooths my dry skin - especially after washing my hands practically 1000+ times a day at work.

Our next trial run is to put in in our hair. Yes - you heard that right!

Apparently this product does wonders for hair moisture!! Can't wait to share what we think ~ talk soon Biohackers!


I've been using @gethoneyskin for the past two weeks! I was so shocked at how nourishing it is without being heavy or greasy. What I love the most is that it contains Manuka Honey from New Zealand. A little goes a long way with this cream. I also used the matching toner for post laser care. It's so gentle and cooling upon application. It also works good on my dry elbows. Highly recommend this product #honeyskinorganics #manukahoney#skincare#vacationvibes #3bcurls#latina#organicchicana #springbreak2021


My husband has always been a huge lover of honey and all of its benefits! Over the years he's gotten me on the I love honey train. After doing some research I found that Manuka honey, specifically, has some incredible benefits for the largest organ on our body: OUR SKIN! It can act as an anti-inflamatory for break-outs, a great moisturizer, and minimize the look of age spots, acne scars and sun damage (my biggest issue). Oh how I wish I could turn back time in my 20s. Anyone else with me there?!

When @gethoneyskin reached out to me to try their Ultimate Face & Body Cream, I was so excited! This stuff is the real deal and I love that a tiny amount goes a long way. I've loved my results so far and I'm so glad I found this stuff before the cold winter months when my skin tends to be at it's worst. It sells on @amazon and click the link in my bio for more details and to shop.


I'm loving this face and body cream from @gethoneyskin It's nice and thick and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and restored! It definitely helps to reduce the dry and itchiness of this growing belly! Check out their IG or the link below to get yourself some!

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Devin's Review of Honeyskin - Best Honey Skin Care Products

I’m a first time costumer and I have acne prone, sensitive skin. I use this about 2 times a day and it leaves my face moisturized and doesn’t leave a gross oily residue. It soaks up fast, clears up redness, heals acne scars, and evens skin tone. I look like I’m glowing, my face is SOOO soft. It works so well I’ve tried hundreds upon hundreds of all different types of face stuff. This by far is THE BEST!