Real life reviews from real people who have seen the results of manuka honey skincare up close

These products have left my skin feeling so moisturized and the Manuka honey actually diminishes the look of aging and sun damage.

Before & After



Nickey   |   NY

I really enjoyed that it helped clear up my acne and is great for sensitive skin. It has a mild scent and even helped when I had a sunburn. It’s my go to daily day cream. It isn’t as moisturizing so I use it only during the day and I use a heavy cream at night. I would think this would be a great product for children or teens as well.



Rebecca   |   GA

I've been breaking out more from wearing masks all day. Maskne is a real thing! But now my pores are visibly smaller and my skin has a natural glow!



Carmen   |   FL

My skin has been cracked and red, but Honeyskin has been so wonderful for the health of my skin!


I am thrilled to have discovered these wonderful Honeyskin products that contain the highest quality of Manuka Honey and other natural antioxidants for my skincare needs. They're easy to use and apply, yet the results are amazing! They keep my skin healthy and young-looking.

The only 100% certified organic skincare line that harnesses the power of Manuka Honey from New Zealand and is crafted with carefully selected natural and organic ingredients to nourish and nurture your skin.


My hair was in very bad condition with split ends, thinning, and dryness. I tried Honeyskin Shampoo and Conditioner and I’ve seen a real result. My hair looks thicker, healthier, shinier, and stronger—it's like a whole new head of hair. Honeyskin products are now an essential part of my haircare routine!

Honeyskin products are very gentle on the hair and scalp. I had a bad case of thinning hair and dandruff until I started using Honeyskin Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner. Now my hair is back to normal and even better, it looks great!

Always Sticking to Our Values

Our first most important value as a brand is honesty in the products we provide. This pervades everything from what ingredients are in a product to what the product can do.

A lot of skincare companies make unjustifiable claims regarding the miracles of their products and we at Honeyskin don't want to fall into that category.

When we say something works, we are being transparent with reviews that our product delivers what we promise. 

Most of the time large corporations add toxic filler ingredients for bulk production. Usually, If you want top-quality, you have to pay top dollar.

Skincare shouldn't come at an astronomical price. You shouldn't have to compromise effective, quality ingredients just to save money.

At Honeyskin were committed to being economically inclusive, making organic and ethically sourced products available to everyone. 

As the world around us grows more toxic every day with GMOs, Sulfates, and toxic preservatives, the consumer has to be careful with what they put on their skin.

Not only is Honeyskin safe for all skin types, but is also clinically tested and a clean skincare brand. 

At Honeyskin we know firsthand the struggles of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and other common skin ailments.

Our research team was committed to finding effective natural treatments.

As the world around us changes with ever-evolving chemicals and pollutants that are being introduced into our environment every day, we at Honeyskin are dedicated to researching and sourcing natural and unique remedies to combat these effects.