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Gentle Moisturizing Shampoo

Kick chemicals to the curb with our natural and organic formula. It works for all hair types, whether you’re battling dry, itchy scalp, excessive oiliness, or sensitivity—all while protecting and even enhancing your hair’s color and strength.

Stimulates Hair Growth. Grow your hair faster, longer and stronger without worrying about any condition.

Maintains Hair Balance. Gently Improves your hair's pH levels at 5.5 to ensure volumize and thick hair.

Damage Repair. It helps relieve many dry skin conditions. Revitalize and moisturizes every strand of your hair with clinically proven DHT blocker.

Safe and Effective. Crafted to promote hair growth without parabens, sulfate & harmful toxic chemicals.

Family-Owned Company With 3 Generations Making Our Own Natural Products In the US – Products You Can Trust.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    A very gentle shampoo, that doesnt strip your hair or scalp. All of the hair loss, and itching stopped as soon as I switched to this shampoo ♡ its gentle enough for my kids with skin allergies as well, and is unscented! It has healed our scalp love it


    I love this product! I have eczema on my head and it doesn’t burn which is a plus for me


    Squeaky clean - but not dried out!
    I haven't been using it very long, yet, but, I think it might be helping. It has no perfume, but it IS scented with
    a bit of orange oil, I think. It sudses a little bit, but not like other shampoos. I leave it in for a while to help condition my scalp. It leaves my hair soft and shiny...I'd recommend it.


    Best truly natural shampoo I know of!
    This is my favorite shampoo for my hair. In the last few years, I suddenly had a sensitivity to the toxic chemicals in many shampoos, even ones that were touted as organic and natural. This shampoo is the best truly natural one that I know of. I feel good about using it, knowing I am not allergic to it, and my hair and scalp are happy as well. It leaves my hair feeling clean and cared for.


    My search ends here!
    I have struggled with dermatitis on my scalp for years. My head would go through phases of getting red and irritated, gooey scabs would form and the flakes were never ending. The stuff the doctors prescribed to me would just dry out my scalp even further, doing nothing to heal it. I tried at home remedies and the only thing that even mildly worked was rinsing my hair with sea salt. I received this shampoo two days ago, when my scalp had red bumps and flakes as usual. I used it once yesterday and once today, and I can not find a single flake or scab or irritated bump on my head! I usually pick at my flakes out of habit, but my fingers are finding nothing. For the first time in years, I have a healthy scalp! I finally found my HG shampoo. I included a picture of where my biggest problem area usually is because I am so excited to show off my healthy hairpart.


    No More Flakes!!
    Wow... this stuff WORKS!!

    I bought this based on a recommendation from a friend who has diagnosed psoriasis on her scalp, and she claimed this shampoo helped immensely. After reading the other reviews on here, I figured I'd give it a try myself.

    I haven'y been diagnosed with psoriasis but I'd be surprised if I didn't have it. Overall I have sensitive skin. I have large patches on my scalp that I can take tweezers to and peel off flakes of skin. Sometimes I'd look in the mirror and be horrified at how much dandruff I had, despite having showered! Every day, every hour on the hour, I would brush my shoulders and shake the back of my sweater just in case there was dandruff on them. It's been a huge insecurity of mine these last few years. And recently a friend lovingly joked that they could guess how many days it's been since I washed my hair due to the amount of dandruff I had -_____-

    After Wash 1 with the shampoo, I noticed a bit of a difference, enough that I knew it was working. It's now been a month and I feel about 95% dandruff/ dry scalp free! There's an occasional flake but my god, it's SUCH an improvement. I no longer have those patches of flakey skin I could pick off (and those patches were there for months if not years.) This shampoo has taken my insecurity away for sure. I only use the shampoo on my scalp, and wash the rest of my hair with my fancy salon shampoo, but everything is going great so far.

    Absolutely recommend!


    Love the product. a bit pricey.