What is....Leave in Conditioner and Moisturizer?

What is....Leave in Conditioner and Moisturizer?


Honey for Hair, with  these nutrients improve the health of the scalp and the hair.

        Having to take care of your tresses can be a challenge, to say nothing about the time it takes to wash, condition, style, moisturize, and who knows what else to get your hair to look good. Spending tons of money on Hair Masks, Super Treatments, detanglers and the like, to manage frizzes or just manage to get your hair somewhat under control! It doesn’t have to be that complicated or difficult. honey for hair can help restore the natural luster of your hair.

          Shining and soft manageable strands are important to one’s overall looks. it's important to choose the best leave-in conditioner for your hair type. A good leave-in conditioner can help detangle strands, reduce fly-aways, tame frizz and keep curls soft and smooth; a leave-in conditioner that's too heavy can weigh it down or leave it looking greasy. A perfect leave-in will give you a bit of support as well as leaving your hair shiny and soft.

          While using shampoo and conditioner is second nature, if your hair is still tangled, frizzy or dry post-shower, or if your regular conditioner is too heavy for your fine, thin hair, these are signs you need a leave-in conditioner. Another is if you have curly hair, that needs some control and ease of combing.

         Unlike conditioners that you use in the shower, these hair care products are applied afterward and left in your locks until the next washing. Typically, conditioners can be dense, whereas a leave-in conditioner is more of your dream detangler — your frizz hero — and it can pack an extra punch of moisture to yield very healthy hair and scalp.

          Honeyskin leave-in conditioners and moisturizer provide just the right amount of moisture and shine for damaged, overworked and brittle tresses. It provides some curl control to Naturally curly hair, and give a great shine, put it on wet, and let it dry, it may seem a bit “crisp”, but just run your fingers through your hair and it will be soft and beautiful.



          Honeyskin is also a skincare moisturizer. Just put it on your skin when it is damp, just like your hair and leave it. It imports a soft, and beautiful layer of moisture to your skin. Use it all over your face and body, it smells clean and fresh. The best part, it helps with skin and scalp conditions, like dandruff and eczema, acne and other skin and scalp conditions, due to the addition of Tea Tree and Manuka Honey.

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