Stem Cells for Hair Growth: Stem Cells Part 3

Stem Cells for Hair Growth: Stem Cells Part 3

          According to American Hair Loss Association, by the age of 35, two-thirds of American men suffer significant hair loss. About 40% of American women also suffer hair loss. People who suffer from hair thinning or loss spend vast amounts of time and money every year in efforts to cure or reverse their hair loss.

          Science’s latest breakthrough for preventing and treating hair loss is apple and rose stem cells.



Through a unique and an efficient cultivation technique called PhytoCellTec, the stem cells of apples and a rare rose are extracted.

          There were a number of studies conducted pertaining to the ability of stem cell therapy to prevent hair loss and related problems.

          Research shows that as a patient undergoes treatment with apple and rose stem cells to enhance hair growth, the stem cells go deep into the roots of their hair. Stem cells work on hair follicles, preventing or slowing down the aging that leads to severe hair thinning on the crown. The effects of stem cells are not limited to slowing down the follicles from aging, they also work on ensuring that other cells of your hair are consistently renewed.

          Our hair has its own process of growing naturally. It undergoes a series of stages. So, an individual’s experiences with this treatment may vary depending on the specific stage they are in at the time they use stem cell therapy. At every stage, you can expect improvement.

          By constantly promoting the growth of hair on the scalp, one’s chance of having a death-phase scalp is lessened. This way, hair grows at its best with minimized risk of failure.

          In the case of hair loss, it is difficult for a hair follicle to grow again because it must be revived to resume the natural process of hair growth. Apple stem cells help in this and in creating growth of new hair on the affected area.

          They are now used in a wide array of hair products, promoting health and durability. Undeniably, this program holds great potential.



          The results reported by studies to date were positive, saying that the therapy was effective on the subjects. The discovery of apple and rose stem cells has provided a series of possibilities for hair restoration.

          With the right procedure and right concentration of apple stem cells and rose stem cells, hair growth programs can really be effective in preventing and even curing hair loss. Unfortunately, due to regulatory restrictions, in marketing these products it is not permitted to make direct claims. So the good news of this breakthrough is a well-kept secret.



          Medical experts continue their thorough evaluation of these plant stem cells and any possible side effects to a person. Recent researches and studies have reported no side effects of the therapy.



          Apple and rose stem cell therapy is a breakthrough for treating hair loss because of its proven effect and benefits in promoting hair growth. Yet, the fact that we have different body composition means that the effect or result may appear slow to some and quick to others. A number of genetic and other factors affecting a person will increase or decrease his or her potential to grow hair naturally.


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