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How To Hydrate Your Skin And Retain Moisture

The most important aspect when it comes to healthy skin is to keep it hydrated. Hydrated skin cells even out your skin tone and make it younger-looking. Hydration is very important and must not be neglected in any way. However, some people practice religious hydration of their skin but fail to retain the moisture, thereby their skin still ends up dehydrated. If you want to know how to hydrate your skin and retain moisture at the same time, read below.


Choose The Right Cleanser


right cleanserThe cleanser you use has a great effect on the hydration and retention of moisture in your skin. Choosing the wrong cleanser can be detrimental to your skin. A cleanser’s role is to clean your skin of dirt and grime. Make sure not to use cleansers that are too harsh, particularly if you have dry or sensitive skin. 


Avoid Over Exfoliating Your Skin

over exfoliating dry skinExfoliation is great and we all love the after-feeling of smoothness and moisture. However, since exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, too much of that can cause the skin to get a little dry, instead of moisturizing it. Exfoliate your skin two to three times a week for great results.


Have A Weekly Routine

honey weekly routineConsistency is key. The best way to stay hydrated and to retain moisture is through consistency. Create a weekly routine for yourself where you use a hydrating face mask and give yourself some self-care. Make sure to use a good mask with antioxidant properties to help you fight irritation. Honey based masks are also good anti-inflammatory agents to help moisturize and nourish your skin.


Make Sure You Use Moisturizer

moisturizerAfter cleansing your face, always make sure you apply moisturizer. Applying moisturizer helps lock the moisture in thereby ensuring your skin stays hydrated. Always moisturize as soon as possible for maximum benefits. Moisturizing is the most basic skincare routine and you should ensure you moisturize at all times.



Your Diet Matters Too

dietTo keep your skin hydrated, you also need to drink a lot of water. Drinking a lot of water helps you keep hydrated and so does eating water-rich food. Water-rich food helps you absorb more water slowly, thereby ensuring the water stays in our bodies for a longer period of time.

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