Skin Health

skin structure

We here at Honeyskin Organics believe that the health of your skin is an important part of your general well-being. Having healthy skin can improve your general health, confidence, and comfort. That is why we make these cosmetic products. To help you!

We think it is important that you know some basic information on how the skin works, so that you can understand how to keep it healthy!

Firstly, the purpose of the skin is to provide a protective barrier between your vital tissues and the outside world. It protects against harsh environments, radiation, chemicals, heat, cold, rain and everything in between.

Your skin has to deal with a ton of stimuli on a moment to moment basis, so it needs to be able to communicate with your brain so your body can respond appropriately; that is why the skin is loaded with nerve endings that send signals to your brain via the central nervous system whenever coming in to contact with stimuli.

Because the skin is subjected to many harsh stimuli, it needs to be tough and durable! That is why it is made up of three protective layers.

  • The first layer of the skin is the "epidermis". It needs to be the most durable and protective, as it is the layer exposed to the outside world. It contains the nerve endings (see top left image)
  • The second layer of the skin, beneath the epidermis is the "dermis". It contains connective tissue, sweat glads, and hair follicles.
  • The third layer of the skin is the "hypodermis", right between the dermis and muscle tissue. This layer is primarily made of fat and connective tissue.

A good supply of vitamins and minerals to all three of these layers, not just the epidermis, a proper pH balance, and properly moisturizing are all crucial to proper skin health. 

All of our skincare products offer a combination of organic ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and a proper pH balance to keep your skin as vibrant and healthy as can be.