About Walnut Shell Powder

A Moral Alternative


We use finely ground walnut shells in our scrub products as a gentle, but effective, exfoliant. Our ground walnut shells are smoothed and rounded to avoid causing skin-damaging microtears.


Walnut shell powder is an organic, moral alternative to the dangerous plastic microbeads almost all cosmetic manufacturers use in their facial scrubs and body washes, which are incredibly harmful to our planet's delicate ecosystem. They end up in our lakes and oceans, where they can absorb harmful toxins like pesticides, flame retardants, motor oil, and much more. These plastic microbeads are often eaten by native marine life, causing the absorbed toxins to transfer into the marine life's tissue or bloodstream.


Marine life is often eaten by humans in the form of fish, sushi, or other seafood, causing humans to absorb the same toxic waste that marine life was subjected to by eating these terrible beads. Plastic microbeads are responsible for killing countless marine plants and animals, which is why you will never find a plastic microbead in a Honeyskin Organics product.