About Lemon Extract

lemon extract

Why Lemon Extract?

Citrus limon, commonly known as the "lemon", has has been a part of human culture as early as second century A.D., during ancient Roman times. For years it was used for primarily culinary purposes, but over time people began to notice the cosmetic benefits of lemons, and now it is a staple of the organic cosmetics industry.

Similar to its cousin, the orange, lemons are extremely rich in vitamin C. 

To briefly reiterate what was stated about Vitamin C in our page about orange oil, vitamin C is proven to:

  • Boost collagen production, which supports the skin's general health.
  • Help limit the damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) light exposure.

In addition to vitamin C, lemons also contain vitamin A and citric acid.

Vitamin A: Encourages healthy skin cell production, smooths out wrinkles, evens skin tone, and clears up acne.

Citric Acid: A natural, gentle method of promoting skin peeling and regrowth, which is the process used in anti-aging products to make skin appear young and healthy.