About Hemp Seed Oil

hemp seed oil

Nature's Most Balanced Oil

Hemp seed oil is pressed from the dried out seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp seed oil does not contain the active THC compounds found in Cannabis sativa leaves. What it does contain, though, is very good for you!

Hemp seed oil contains all 21 of the known amino acids, and contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. 

Amino Acids: One of the best nutrients for skin and hair care there is, amino acids are the second-largest component of the skin, behind water. Amino acids are part of the building blocks of proteins, skin cells, and DNA. They may help prevent tissue breakdown, supply essential nutrients to the skin and hair, and stimulate collagen production. The list of the benefits of amino acids are nearly endless.

Omega Fatty Acids: Proven to be inherently anti-inflammatory, these fatty acids help clear skin and nourish hair the hair follicles to help give you healthy, lustrous hair. Omega fatty acids are essential to supporting your skin's natural structure.