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Blonde Dream Hair Mask by HoneySkin


The purpose of our Purple hair Mask is to super hydrate the hair and impart a glow to the hair while dulling down the “yellow” in bleached, tinted and gray hair. It also makes darker hair look shinny and cools the color and tames the split ends. It is great for any color hair, apart from red, of course.

Let's be real, most people only use Hair Mask to fix their severely dry locks or over-processed colored strands. This deep conditioning treatment is like a last resort when it comes to at-home hair care, especially if you're nervous about what your stylist might do with those split ends.



Hair Masks are more beneficial than regular conditioners. Unlike a typical conditioner that rests on the surface of a strand, a hair mask works its way inside the hair cuticle. While the products boast repairing hair damage, regular application of a hair mask can "impart shine, help with manageability and work to nourish the cuticle," according to Joel Warren, master colorist and co-founder of Warren-Tricomi salons.

If you've ever wondered about the type of hair mask you should be using or whether you're even applying it correctly, HuffPost Style interviewed four experts and got the answers to your most pressing questions. Here's the lowdown.

Once your hair has split, repairing with a hair mask is impossible. This is actually a common misconception, Marie Robinson Salon colorist and Wella Professionals ambassador Mark Debolt told us. "These masks act like a Band-Aid to smooth and mend frayed ends. The only true remedy for split ends is a haircut appointment," said Debolt. However, British celebrity hairstylist Mark Hill noted that using a mask regularly will disguise the damage by packing hair strands with moisture to make them feel thicker and stronger. He added, "It won't cure them, but it will help prevent any more damage."


  • To get optimal results, this is how you should apply hair masks: First, shampoo as you normally would. "The warm water opens up the cuticles on your hair. This allows the mask to penetrate into the hair's structure (a regular conditioner only tends to sit on the outside of your hair)," said Hill.

  • Then towel-dry hair and choose the best hair mask for your needs. Spread the product evenly onto locks, from roots to ends, and comb through with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Carter's pro tip: those with flat and fine hair types should apply masks only to the ends to avoid weighing the hair down.


For maximum benefits

Warren recommends leaving hair masks on for 20-30 minutes and covering your head with a warm towel. If hair is extremely damaged, try leave it on overnight. To remove, rinse with cool water and re-shampoo. You will find, that after using our Purple Hydrating Hair Mask in Honeyskin, "Blonde Dream", the “Yellow” over bleached hair will look beautiful, silvery, and shiny, and your ends are more manageable. Order Blonde Dream Hair Mask today.

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