Raw Manuka Honey Nourishing Face Mask

Raw Manuka Honey Nourishing Face Mask

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Bioactive Honey. Produced from the Manuka plant, it’s been famous from ancient times as medicinal honey because it protects against damage caused by bacteria, assists the body in surface-level healing and helps repair tissue damaged by infection, all while nourishing the skin with a powerful medley of vitamins and nutrients.

  • Deep Moisturizer. Penetrates in every layer of skin, removes dirt & regenerates healthy skin cells.

  • Damage Repair. It reduces pain, improves circulation for glossier & smoother face.

  • Organically Safe & Effective. Does not contain toxic chemicals, paraben or sulfate that can harm you

  • FAMILY-OWNED. 3 Generations Making Our Own Natural Products In the US – Products You Can Trust.

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Tightening Face Mask - Raw Organic Manuka Honey from New Zealand UMF 12+ - Blackhead & Skin Tag Remover - Skin Lightening & Acne Spot Treatment - Relieves Symptoms of Rosacea, Eczema & Psoriasis (4 oz)


You have discovered Honeyskin Organics

Our Story: Honeyskin Organics is a brand of products that offers an organic solution to your skin and hair needs. We've searched the world for the most effective natural ingredients in skin care, hair care, and cellular regeneration. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we looked towards nature.

It's been quite the adventure. The beauty of it all is that the more people in the world discover our products, the more we realize how special they are. It's truly a dream come true for us to help so many customers by offering a line of products that uses natural and organic ingredients. We are very proud of the products we have developed and are pleased to share them with you.


We source directly from New Zealand all our manuka honey.

All Honeyskin Organics products contain very potent medical grade Manuka Honey, and it is that component which sets us apart. We have an array of fabulous ingredients in our products and we match our products to your skin's pH level. This alone is amazing, but the honey is a true miracle. Manuka Honey comes from specific group of bees that collect the pollen from the flowers of the Manuka Bush (Leptospermum scoparium), also known as the tea tree bush, native to New Zealand. Honey has a long history as an effective natural ingredient for skin and hair health. The most effective honey in the world is the Manuka Honey that we use.