Hi Friends, 

Do you love your Honeyskin?

Would you be willing to help us out by creating a testimonial video on Honeyskin Products or a specific Honeyskin Product that you love?

Honeyskin Organics is holding a contest!  Here’s your chance to tell the world what you think of your favorite Honeyskin Product by making a personal video. 

We are offering prizes to the TOP TEN video testimonials!  

Here are the prizes: 

1st Prize  $500 in Honeyskin products
2nd Prize  $250  in Honeyskin products
3rd Prize   $150  in Honeyskin products
4th Prize   $100  in Honeyskin products
5th Prize    $50  in Honeyskin products

6 - 10th Prize - One 4oz Honeyskin Organics Ultimate Face & Body Cream

What we’d like you to do is to simply create a video (your smart phone is a fine way to do it) of a testimonial telling what you love about Honeyskin Organics products. 

It’s not necessary to be super-professional, in fact we want it to be “home-grown” and personal. Just tell the camera your honest feelings about Honeyskin Organics. We’re not really looking for a professional commercial look, more like you’re just telling your friends what you feel. 

Here are a few suggestions:

Be creative
     maybe the setting of in a bathroom, or bedroom at your makeup table etc.

Be “Real”
     it’s not necessary to write out a script, just tell your story as honestly as you can, your “real” quality will come through.

Be sincere, like you’re talking to your friend, or your mom
     imagine you’re just having a conversation with a friend telling them about the product etc.

Be convincing
     it’s not necessary to “sell” the product, just deliver your message in an honest,  compelling, persuasive manner and it will communicate. 

To enter the contest, just fill out the brief form below, and upload your video.  That’s all there is to it. 

We will be evaluating the winners within a short time, and notify the winners. 

Good Luck

By submitting a video, you agree to give us the right to use your video in our promotional activities.